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Teleworking, Coworking, Business trip, Workation

Come and live your teleworking in our Cottages of High-Jura classified as Furnished Tourism of France. We offer an ideal extra desk to place your computer in the room of your choice (paid service). In addition, with very high speed fiber internet access via secure wifi (speed 300 Mb/s, frequencies 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz) and electrical outlets available, your office space also has several windows to take full advantage of natural light. All this allows you to benefit from very good working conditions.

On the other hand, a coworking space can be set up on the living room table of your cottage.

These two remote work solutions allow you to carry out your business trip.

Our teleworking gites of High-Jura provide you with all the comfort you need while the rest of your family or friends are on vacation.

Teleworking Coworking Business trip, Workation, Gites of France - very high speed fiber internet access - Rental of holiday cottages in High-Jura mountain
Teleworking, Coworking, Business trip, Workation in Furnished Tourism of France in High-Jura 🛜🌳

The new trend of workation, a hybrid concept allowing workers to flourish professionally while enjoying the pleasures of a beautiful setting, is entirely possible here.


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