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Private Spa/Jacuzzi and Sauna

🌷 Here is your relaxation room exclusively reserved for your cottage (paid service). You can enjoy relaxation and well-being sessions throughout your stay. This room is composed of a new private Spa/Jacuzzi and Sauna on site.


💧 Our new luxury prestige Spa is from the premium brand Sundance Spas (Jacuzzi group). This top-of-the-range Spa offers you a real moment of relaxation with its two seats and one lounging place. Thanks to its 19 massage jets, our whirlpool bath brings you unforgettable well-being. This jacuzzi can relieve muscles, joints and stress through hydrotherapy. It is also composed of headrests, a waterfall and several Led lights. Using these Led lights helps to influence your mood and energy levels (Chromotherapy, Chromatherapy or Color Cure). Spa water is treated and filtered using the Sundance water purification system. We monitor the water quality and cleanliness of this Spa Sauna room daily.

🔥 The wet Sauna is a Finnish classic in which you pour a ladle of water over hot stones to obtain a feeling of heat produced by the steam. It can also bring health benefits : feeling of well-being thanks to the release of endorphins, reduction of stress, reduction of muscle and joint pain, elimination of toxins, promotes weight loss, reduction of cellulite, tones the skin. The temperature is displayed on the thermometer and the humidity is indicated on the hygrometer. This Finnish sauna has a Narvi brand stove, benches and headrests allowing you to sit or lie down during your session. It can accommodate up to three people.


💐 This well-being and relaxation area is located just a few steps from your cottage, on the garden level and along the river. The view overlooks the garden, the river and the High-Jura mountain. Your privacy is totally preserved thanks to the new motorized electric roller shutters (Somfy brand) installed on our new windows. The whole room is heated by a popular wood-burning stove !


🌲 You also have a shower🚿, separate toilets🚽, a weight bench🏃🏻, a relaxation area with a coffee table and chairs🪑 as well as high speed internet access in secure wifi🧑‍💻.

🕘 Opening hours of your Spa Sauna room : 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. 🕖

The sessions are only on reservations taken before or upon your arrival on site.

Video presentation :

Location :

50 Grande Rue, 

39460 Foncine-le-Haut, France.

Spa Sauna internal rules :

🚨 Access reserved only for the occupants of your cottage.

🧍‍♂️ The Spa and Sauna can accommodate up to 3 people.

⚠️ MANDATORY : shower before Spa and Sauna, swimsuit, hair tied, accompanied children.

🚫 PROHIBITED : bermuda shorts, underpants, shoes, smoking, vaping, ball games, animals, jumping in water, eating, drinking, wearing jewelry, cosmetic products on the skin (makeup, cream, perfume, soaps, etc.), pouring products into the water, washing in spa water.

⏲️ Duration of a Spa Sauna session : 45 minutes.

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