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Cancellation insurance

We offer the following guarantees through Gritchen Affinity :


✅  Cancellation of stay,

✅  Interruption of stay,

✅  Late arrival,

✅  Sports equipment,
✅  Renter's civil liability,
✅  Assistance at the home of the Insured,
✅  Owner refund,
✅  Unavailability of the reserved property,
✅  Damage to owner's property,
✅  Lack or excess of snow (Mountain option),
✅  Repatriation assistance (Mountain option),
✅  Track search and rescue costs (Mountain option),
✅  Covid-19 EXTENSION.

Main patterns supported by Gritchen Affinity :

✅  Serious illness, serious bodily injury or death,
✅  Complications due to pregnancy,
✅  Economic dismissal or conventional termination,
✅  Obtaining a job, Divorce or termination of a PACS,
✅  Cancellation or modification of the dates of your paid holidays or those of your de facto or legal spouse imposed by your employer,
✅  Partial (70% minimum) or total closure of the ski area (Mountain option).

Prices :

✅  Seasonal rental stay : 4,25% of the amount of the stay.

✅  Stay in the Mountain : 5% of the amount of the stay.

👉  To subscribe, simply go to our dedicated website.
       Link :

The complete general conditions as well as the information sheet (IPID) are available to you.

Cancellation insurance is calculated excluding Tourist tax, Deposit and Paid services !

Simple, fast and intuitive insurance subscription thanks to Safebooking technology.

According to article R511-1-III of the Insurance Code, we have the status of "indicator" in insurance products, which only allows us to put you in contact with our partner Gritchen Affinity. Then, for all subscriptions and additional information, please click on the subscription link above and contact our partner Gritchen Affinity if necessary.

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