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Renovated bedrooms and living room of Cottage 295

We present below the renovated rooms of our cottage n°295 of High-Jura classified 3 stars at Furnished Tourism of France. The rooms are independent and have been redone with wood from Foncine-le-Haut. The other walls and ceilings have been repainted. Their floor has also been changed with new light parquet. You will find a new built-in closet in each bedroom to store all your belongings.

The living room - dining room - kitchen room has also just been renovated. The ceiling has been repainted and fitted with new lighting. Several walls were embellished with wood and another wall was repainted. A new larger flat screen TV and new wooden chairs have been installed. The large wooden dining table has been repainted.

The sofa and the two motorized relaxation armchairs have been completely renovated with a very beautiful purple fabric.

Finally, the bathroom has a new washing machine.


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