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Deer slab at Chaux-Neuve Polar Park

During your stay in our cottages in the Jura Moutains, you can discover the Slab of the Deer 🦌 within the Polar Park of Chaux-Neuve.

You can see, hear and understand the king of the forests in his natural environment during his Brame period during the months of September and October. Events organized by the Polar Park and its educational partner, the CapFaune association. Only by reservation.

  • Events : Deer Slab evenings.

  • Dates : every year in September and October.

  • Time : 6 p.m.

  • Address : Parc Polaire, Cernois Veuillet et les Fo, 25240 Chaux-Neuve, France.

Deer slab at the Chaux-Neuve Polar Park 🦌 - Cottages of Jura - Holiday rentals in the Jura Mountains Foncine-le-Haut
Deer Slab at the Chaux-Neuve Polar Park 🦌


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