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Autumn in the High-Jura mountains

During the autumn season, the landscapes of the High-Jura mountain change color. The leaves of the trees metamorphose into a mixture of colors ranging from yellow, orange to red.

It is also a very good season to discover the waterfalls of Haut-Jura which are very supplied with water following the more frequent rains at this time of the year.

The All Saints holidays in particular are going wonderfully well in our lodgings. 😉 Come and discover nature and its beautiful fall colors during your stay in our vacation rentals in High-Jura classified 2 to 3 stars at Furnished Tourism of France. 🍁🍂

Autumn in HighJura - Rental of holiday cottages in High-Jura mountain
Autumn in High-Jura at Foncine-le-Haut. 🍁🍂

Waterfall of "Bief de la ruine, Gorges de la Saine", High-Jura Moutains.


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